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Hi! I'm Stef, a
freelance web
developer and
UI designer.

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About Me

A highly motivated web developer proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Skilled in building responsive websites and well-versed in popular frameworks like React and Next.js. Strong design sensibilities confirmed through recent UI projects, and equipped with a problem-solving mindset honed by coding challenges. Committed to delivering efficient and user-friendly solutions that meet client needs.

In short, I enjoy challenge.

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Mizner's Dream Redesign

I came up with a more modern site design in Figma, then implemented it as a Next.js application hosted in Google App Engine. I also improved SEO, accessibility, and made it into a PWA.

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Etch A Sketch

A dynamic web application that emulates the classic Etch a Sketch game, showcasing my abilities in JavaScript and interactive design.

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A fully functional calculator built from scratch, demonstrating my understanding of JavaScript and logic implementation in a practical tool.

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